Galactic Overlord is the eighth and final set of the OCG´s 7th series after Order Of Chaos.It is followed by Return Of The Duelist,the first set from the 8th series.It is noted that at a point,this set was called Galactic Overload,due to a confusion between lord and load which are both pronounced rodo.


Set name:Galactic Overlord

Set abbreviation:GAOV

Release date:February 18th,2012


Cards used by Yuma Tsukumo,Reginald Kastle,Kite Tenjo,Droite,Gauche,III,Anna Kozuki,Syuta Hayami and Shobee Yuatsu are featured in this set.

Includes support for the "Photon","Gagaga","Evol","Watt"and "Inzektor"archetypes.

Introduces the "Bouncer","Butterfly Assassin","Lightray"and "Hieratic" archetypes to the dueling circle.

Includes 10 new Xyz monsters,enabling duelists with a wider choice for the extra deck.

Cover card:Neo Galaxy-eyes Photon Dragon

80 Cards:

1 Holographic rare

5 Ultimate rares

5 Ultra rares

9 Super rares

18 Rares

44 Commons

4 Normal rares

Card list:


GAOV-JP002-Hieratic seal of the sun dragon overlord

GAOV-JP003-Overlay Owl

GAOV-JP004-Tasuke knight(Rare)

GAOV-JP005-Gagaga gardna(Rare)

GAOV-JP006-Card car D(Rare)

GAOV-JP007-Overlay eater

GAOV-JP008-Hammer shark

GAOV-JP009-Hammer-rush Bouncer(Super rare)

GAOV-JP010-Blade bouncer

GAOV-JP011-Phantom bouncer

GAOV-JP012-Phantom butterfly assassin Morpho

GAOV-JP013-Phantom butterfly assassin Ageha

GAOV-JP014-Moonlit Papillon

GAOV-JP015-Drilling construction heavy machinery:Drill jumbo(Super rare)

GAOV-JP016-Roaring express train rocket arrow(Rare)

GAOV-JP017-Scoop shooter

GAOV-JP018-Hieratic Dragon of Nuit

GAOV-JP019-Hieratic Dragon of Gebeb

GAOV-JP020-Hieratic Dragon of Eset

GAOV-JP021-Hieratic Dragon of Nebthet

GAOV-JP022-Hieratic Dragon of Tefnuit(Rare)

GAOV-JP023-Hieratic Dragon of Su

GAOV-JP024-Hieratic Dragon of Asar(Rare)

GAOV-JP025-Hieratic Dragon of Seketh(Super rare)

GAOV-JP026-Evoltile Lagosucho

GAOV-JP027-Evolsaur Darwino-JP039

GAOV-JP028-Inzektor Luciol

GAOV-JP029-Inzektor Gruf

GAOV-JP030-Inzektor Wig

GAOV-JP031-Inzektor Giga-Grioll(Rare)

GAOV-JP032-Lightray Sorcerer(Rare)

GAOV-JP033-Lightray Daedulus

GAOV-JP034-Lightray Gearfried

GAOV-JP035-Lightray Diabolos(Rare)

GAOV-JP036-Dragon Witch,The protector of Dragons

GAOV-JP037-Absorb Jar(Rare)

GAOV-JP038-Red Blooded-Oni

GAOV-JP039-Flame Tiger(Normal rare)

GAOV-JP040-Wandering force(Normal rare)

GAOV-JP041-Neo Galaxy-eyes Photon Dragon(Ultra rare/Ultimate rare/Holographic rare)

GAOV-JP042-Number 32:Marine biting dragon:Shark Drake(Ultra rare/Ultimate rare)

GAOV-JP043-Photon Streak Bouncer(Super rare)

GAOV-JP044-Photon Butterfly Assassin(Super rare)

GAOV-JP045-Number 25:Fullmetal Photoglide(Ultra rare/Ultimate rare)

GAOV-JP046-Thunderclap knight-Gaia Dragoon(Super rare)

GAOV-JP047-Hieratic Dragon King of Atum(Super rare)

GAOV-JP048-Hieratic Sun Dragon Overlord of Heliopolis(Ultra rare/Ultimate rare)

GAOV-JP049-Queen Dragun(Rare)

GAOV-JP050-Inzektor Exa-Stag(Ultra rare/Ultimate rare)

GAOV-JP051-Bound Wand(Rare)

GAOV-JP052-Minimum Guts

GAOV-JP053-Donward Current

GAOV-JP054-Berserk Scales

GAOV-JP055-Night Shot(Rare)

GAOV-JP056-Hieratic Seal of Convocation(Rare)

GAOV-JP057-Hieratic Seal of Supremacy


GAOV-JP059-Compensation of Evolution

GAOV-JP060-Final Inzektion(Rare)

GAOV-JP061-Inzektor Bow-Zektarrow

GAOV-JP062-Xyz unit(Super rare)

GAOV-JP063-Rampaging Magic power

GAOV-JP064-Sacred Belt

GAOV-JP065-Storm(Normal rare)

GAOV-JP066-Nitwit Outwit


GAOV-JP068-Command of the sword

GAOV-JP069-Bouncer Guard

GAOV-JP070-Scales of Subordination

GAOV-JP071-Hieratic Seal of Banishment(Rare)

GAOV-JP072-Hieratic Seal of Reflection

GAOV-JP073-Zekt conversion(Rare)

GAOV-JP074-Inzektor Gauntlet


GAOV-JP076-Dimension slide(Rare)

GAOV-JP077-Spiritual Light Art-Hijiri(Super rare)

GAOV-JP078-Sealing ceremony of Raiton

GAOV-JP079-Aquamirror Reincarnation

GAOV-JP080-Double Return(Normal rare)

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