Return of the Duelist is the first set of the OCG´s 8th series after Galactic Overlord.It is followed by Abyss Rising.


Set name:Return of the duelist

Set abbreviation:REDU

Release date:April 17th,2012


Includes cards used by Yuma Tsukumo,Kite Tenjo,III,Nelson Andrews and Gauche.

Introduces the "Magical","Heroic","OOParts" and "Madolche"archetypes to the OCG.

Includes the first support for the "Geargia" and "Book of Spell" archetypes.

Includes more support for "Gagaga" and "Photon" archetypes and introduces a new "ZW"(Zexal Weapon)monster.

Introduces 10 new Xyz monsters,introducing a new concept for Xyz summons.

Card list:

REDU-JP001-Magic swordsman Trans(Rare)

REDU-JP002-Damage Mage

REDU-JP003-ZW-Phoenix bow(Rare)

REDU-JP004-Photon Kaiser

REDU-JP005-Heroic Challenger Spartas

REDU-JP006-Heroic Challenger Warhammer

REDU-JP007-Heroic Challenger Sword Shield

REDU-JP008-Heroic Challenger Double Lance(Rare)

REDU-JP009-OOParts Mayan Machine

REDU-JP010-OOParts Colossal Head

REDU-JP011-OOParts Golden Shuttle

REDU-JP012-OOParts Crystal bone(Rare)

REDU-JP013-OOParts Crystal Skull

REDU-JP014-OOParts Moai

REDU-JP015-Magical calligrapher Batel(Super rare)

REDU-JP016-Magical archer Lamour

REDU-JP017-Magical summoner Temper(Rare)

REDU-JP018-Magical Warrior Fors

REDU-JP019-Magical swordsman Shario

REDU-JP020-Magical erudite Junon(Super rare)

REDU-JP021-Madolche Mille-feullie

REDU-JP022-Madolche Mouple

REDU-JP023-Madolche Chouxvalier

REDU-JP024-Madolche Majoleine(Rare)

REDU-JP025-Madolche Butlerusk

REDU-JP026-Madolche Puddingcess(Super rare)

REDU-JP027-Geargiano MK-II




REDU-JP031-Unifolia,holy beast of the forest

REDU-JP032-Little trooper

REDU-JP033-Silvery snow sniper

REDU-JP034-Sandcloud knight(Rare)

REDU-JP035-Block golem

REDU-JP036-Assault troops of the sea emperor

REDU-JP037-Illusion snitch(Rare)

REDU-JP038-Earth spirit god-grand soil(Super rare)

REDU-JP039-Three-thousand needles(Normal rare)

REDU-JP040-Goblin marauding force(Normal rare)

REDU-JP041-Heroic Champion-Excalibur(Ultra rare/Ultimate rare/Holographic rare)

REDU-JP042-OOParts Crystal Alien(Ultra rare/Ultimate rare)

REDU-JP043-Number 33:OOParts Super weapon-Machu Mach(Ultra rare/Ultimate rare)

REDU-JP044-Super Dimensional Robo Galaxy Destroyer(Ultra rare/Ultimate rare)

REDU-JP045-Magical Hierophant Hieron(Ultra rare/Ultimate rare)

REDU-JP046-Geargiganto X(Super rare)

REDU-JP047-Alchemic Magician(Super rare)

REDU-JP048-Giant god of the Silver summit(Super rare)

REDU-JP049-Fairy King Alverd(Rare)

REDU-JP050-Sword breaker(Rare)

REDU-JP051-Gagagarevenge(Super rare)

REDU-JP052-Overlay regenerate(Rare)

REDU-JP053-Heroic Chance

REDU-JP054-OOParts technology

REDU-JP055-OOParts Pyramid Eye Tablet

REDU-JP056-Galaxy Queen´s light(Rare)

REDU-JP057-Grim book of spell(Rare)

REDU-JP058-Hygro book of spell

REDU-JP059-Necro book of spell

REDU-JP060-Torah book of spell

REDU-JP061-Madolce Chateau


REDU-JP063-Generation force(Rare)

REDU-JP064-Rockfall area

REDU-JP065-Cold Shiver(Normal rare)

REDU-JP066-Attack invulnerability


REDU-JP068-Heroic revenge sword

REDU-JP069-Stonehenge method

REDU-JP070-Madolche Manner

REDU-JP071-Madolche Waltz

REDU-JP072-Madolche tea break

REDU-JP073-Xyz soul(Rare)

REDU-JP074-Compulsory Withdrawal device(Rare)

REDU-JP075-Hand Requital

REDU-JP076-Void trap hole(Super rare)

REDU-JP077-Three card

REDU-JP078-Soul drain(Rare)


REDU-JP080-Lucky punch(Normal rare)

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